Certified Advanced Footcare In The Comfort Of Your Home!

My Sole Concern Is Your Health

Lynn Wells is a registered nurse and owner of “Holistic Foot Nurse”, a business serving residents in the city of Orillia and surrounding area. Lynn is Certified in Advanced Footcare, and has also completed specialized courses, which include: Diabetic Footcare, Corns, callouses and warts, Treatment of Ingrown Toenails, and more. Lynn provides experienced nursing footcare to clients in their own home, where they can sit back in a comfortable chair and relax.

If you have issues related to diabetes, have poor circulation, are no longer able to trim your own toenails due to poor vision, limited flexibility or nails that are too thick, or if you have been suffering with pain because of ingrown nails, corns or callouses, plantar warts, athlete’s foot, heel fissures or hammer, claw, or overlapping toes, then give Lynn a call at 705-238-0320.

A qualified and compassionate practitioner, Lynn strives to provide the best footcare service possible, enabling her clients to remain active and in optimum comfort.